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E-MANASAH Platform

E-MANASAH is the first Arabian digital network that supports women and youth through their journey in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, it is designed to fostering innovation and helping new ideas reach the marketplace, we empower innovators and entrepreneurs through connecting them with consultants and trainers, incubators-accelerators, financers, mentors, promoters, networks around the globe, innovators around the globe, government institutions.

E-MANASAH have key benefits, which comprise a vigorous business set up network, that will directly link the community with it. We provide the following: 

  • Big data.
  • Networking for your own businesses. 
  • A community for Startup, SMEs , Entrepreneurs for Data Collaboration. 
  •  Providing consultation that tackles all challenges and problems which prevent your business to grow. 
  • Success stories& market trends. 

We believe in the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Arab world, E-MANASAH is founded to build road maps through the MENA region to guide people the way of how to communicate directly with the supporting entities, we support entrepreneurs and innovators around the world throughout their journey through this network, from innovative ideas to reality.

To change the mindset of the Arab Youth, drive them towards innovation and entrepreneurship, to help new ideas reach the market place, entrepreneurs grow globally, by providing an enabling environment and a virtual community that connects them all together from the global crowd that will support the ecosystem across the full lifecycle of the business.

Building the largest Arab and international e-platform to support innovation and entrepreneurship around the world

Why Choose EMANASAH?

EMANSAH is an enabling environment that brings all on the same table, we designed this digital community for entrepreneurs, innovators and supporters around the world. EMANASAH links you directly with the supporting entity, gives you the chance to build data partnerships all around the world, through EMANSAH you will have all the biggest data between your hands and benefit from it in your own way.


Objective A
To establish sustainable and diversified markets in the Arab world and adopt new high-tech trends
Objective C
Supporting Startups and SMEs through data partnerships, and providing solutions to the challenges and obstacles they face to ensure the sustainability of their projects
Objective E
Raising awareness: Spreading the culture of innovation, innovative entrepreneurial aspects, and the global standards of innovation, spreading the importance of innovation in the entrepreneurship sector.
Objective G

Enhancing the concept of digitalization through our platform. 

Objective B
To build bridges and partnerships around the world to keep pace with the outputs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Objective D
Transfer best global practices in innovation and the latest technical practices that support entrepreneurs, SME community.
Objective F

Creating an enabling environment that supports the community through Entrepreneurship and innovation.

Objective H

Providing Networking for your businesses.